Did Neetu Kapoor Crop Katrina Kaif Out of a Family Picture?

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Daddy Rishi Kapoor may have been rather pleased by son Ranbir’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s recent visit when he was ill… BUT, looks like Ranbir’s mom Neetu is still not quite accepting the Kat from London!

Kat1 (1)Recently, at a birthday party held for Ranbir’s cousin Nitasha Nanda (Ritu Kapoor-Nanda’s daughter), Katrina was also present  along with all the Kapoors, Nandas and Jains (Rima Kapoor-Jain and family). While posting pictures on their respective social networks, birthday girl Nitasha chose to post her picture with Ranbir, Neetu, her mom Ritu and Kat too, standing in the background behind Neetu. However, while posting the same picture, mommy dearest Neetu, chose to crop Kat out of the pic while posting!Kat2

Where Katrina Kaif vanished in this photo?

what came as a pleasant surprise is information that, Ranbir took Kat to meet his grandmother, Krishna at their ancestral bungalow in Deonar.Ranbir Grandma meets Katrina


Krishna Raj Kapoor is the first lady of Bollywood and a picture of dignity.Kat1 (1


She has seen a few of Katrina’s movies. And she is also aware that Ranbir and Katrina kaif are friends. Says our source, “She was more than happy to welcome Katrina to her home.



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