Mathira Secretly Got Married

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August seems to be a month of finding a perfect soul mate. This August I have seen many celebrities changing their statuses from single to married. I have seen Ayeza and Danish, Sarwat and Fahad, Assad Saddiqui and now one of bold actress Mathira is joining this cue as well. Mathira secretly got married.

Yes, Mathira’s wedding has been confirmed and Matihra has been keeping her wedding a secret for a year. Mathira has been married for a year and only her family & friends know about  her big secret.

Mathira revealed her wedding in a interview on DAWN. When she was asked how did she managed it ! She replied,

”I am a very private person. Controversies breaks things. People shatter things. I keep family very safe and close. I have been broken, don’t want to break again, just being careful.”

Mathira said her marriage is between her and her husband and is no one’s business but their own.

When Dawn asked her about how did she met her lucky man ! She replied,

”I met him by accident and I kept meeting him. He always supports me.”

When she was aksed how did her proposed her ! Matihra replied,

”We were fighting he was asked for a clarification and he proposed. It was a very wild.”

Mathira also told Dawn, that her husband has no issue with her profession. It looks good for Mathira.

Mathira Secretly Got Married – Is She Married to Flint-J Gilani !

Mathira Secretly Got Married




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