Is Humaima Malik Giving Right Impression Of Pakistan?

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Humaima Malik is one of talented actress of Pakistan who has done good work in Pakistan. She has worked in Pakistani movie ‘Bol’ by which she got real popularity. Humaima Malik has got offer from Bollywood, that’s good as other countries also respect our talent. She accepted, that is also good as every one should go forward to achieve popularity. But if she shows her skin on the name of talent and do extra ordinary bold scenes on the name of scene demand and confidence then it is not so good and the question raise that is Humaima Malik giving right impression of Pakistan?

Is Humaima Malik Giving Right Impression Of Pakistan ?Is Humaima Malik Giving Right Impression Of Pakistan pic 01

I don’t say that Humaima should wear Abaya while coming on screen, but one should respect the values of nation and country. It looks that our actresses were just waiting to get chance to wear very short dresses and to do vulgar scenes and as they get that chance they forget their values. This was started from Meera when she worked in Bollywood movie and she wore vulgar dresses and did bold photo shoot for Bollywood movie ‘Nazar‘ and got criticized. Is Humaima Malik Giving Right Impression Of Pakistan pic 03 After that a big scandal and controversy raised because of Veena Malik as she not only did bold photo shoot but also did bold roles in low budget movies of Bollywood and for some vulgarity in Big Boss. After her wedding she has changed a lot even she has showed herself as a good woman, wife and now hopefully will become a good mother.

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Now Humaima Malik is following Veena Malik. Even she know that all those Pakistani actresses got criticized and it gives bad mark to their career and fame but then too she did it. She has not only done bold scenes with Imran Hashmi even she is giving interviews and headlines about that as she is not only used to with this but also feeling proud upon all this.

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As an Artist of a country if you go some where, you denote your country and culture. Humaima Malik is not giving good impression of Pakistan and Pakistani. Imran Abbas Creature has also released , it was heard that Imran Abbas has denied to do bold scenes and now it is showed. He really did what he said. We have not seen any bold scene of Imran Abbas with Bipasha in Bollywood movie ‘Creature‘.
If a common person do something then it does not come in media. But If some special person do something with whom country name get attached like PAKISTANI actor or actress then I think that person should be careful about his/her deeds and decisions. What you people think about this ? Share your views with us …!


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