How Hot Pakistani Celebrities Look Without Makeup?

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As you might know that makeup is the essential need of every celebrity. Makeup grooms the look of a woman and make her look very beautiful and gorgeous. But what if a celebrity don’t wear makeup? Today I am going to share that how hot Pakistani celebrities look without makeup. Lets see how Pakistani actresses look in real than we watch them on TV.

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How Hot Pakistani Celebrities Look Without Makeup?

Annie Jaffri

pakistani celebrities

I think that Annie Jafferi still looks good without makeup. She has taken this selfie on Barcelona Beach. There are few spots on her face otherwise she still looks pretty and cute.

Mehwish Hayat

mehwish hayat without makeup

Mehwish Hayat is also looking gorgeous as we see her on television. Her skin is looks fair and shiny even without makeup. She looks good!

Sumbal Iqbal

celebrities without makeup

Sumbal is looking great without makeup. She has a glowing and fair skin. She is looking good and pretty. Her selfie proves that she don’t needs any makeup!

Humaima Malik

humaima malik without makeup

This is the picture of Humaima Malik with Varun Dhawan, taken in Dubai at Masala Awards. I think that she looks good with makeup. Without makeup, her skin is not looking fair and pretty so she should wear makeup!

Aiza Khan and Maya Ali

aiza khan

These selfies of Aiza Khan and Maya Ali, just rocks. These two are the best queens and beauties of Pakistan. Both of them are looking very beautiful and gorgeous even without makeup. Aiza and Maya just Rocks! Wonderful!

Mawra Hocane

mawra hocane hot

This is the picture of LLB student Mawra Hocane. Check out her long hair and long beautiful eyelashes.

Urwa Hocane

urwa hocane

This is the selfie of Urwa Hocane. She is looking perfect without makeup. She don’t need even a pinch of makeup!

Amna Ilyas

pakistani celebrities without makeup amna illyas

Amna Ilyas is a young and new girl in Pakistani drama industry. Her tan skin complexion looks pretty good even without any makeup.

Saba Qamar

saba qamar hot

Its the picture of Saba Qamar with her nephew. She has all messed up with her hair but she is looking quite good and pretty without cosmetics.

Ayyan Ali

ayyan ali

Ayyan Ali is among the hottest models of Pakistan. Its her picture taken in her own private jet. She looks hot with and without makeup. Her beauty is flawless even with no makeup.

Some Pakistani Models Without Makeup

pakistani models

This is the group picture taken of some Pakistani models. Some models are looking good and some bad without makeup.

So these is how hot pakistani celebrities look without makeup. Which celebrity looks hot without makeup? Don’t forget to share your comments in the comment section below!


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