Heart Touching Sad Stories Of Famous Pakistani Celebrities

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Let us have a look at some heart touching sad stories of famous Pakistani celebrities. You must learn patience, hard work from these celebrities.

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“A Dream Does Not Become Reality By Magic, It Takes Sweat, Determination and Hardwork”

Heart Touching Sad Stories Of Famous Pakistani Celebrities

ayyan ali past story

Ayyan Ali is a super-rich model of Pakistan. She has her own luxury cars, bungalows, and a private jet. But do you about her past difficulties? Her parents divorced when she was a kid. Her upbringing was done by her mother and as she got 17 years old, her mother sent Ayyan in modeling.

Jugan Kazim

jugan kazim past

Jugan Kazim herself told in an interview about her unhappy marriage. She said that her first husband used to torture her, physically and mentally. So she got divorced. Jugan further said that she pampered her son (Hamza) as a single parent.

Now Jugan is spending a happy life with her second husband.

Faisal Qureshi

faisal qureshi past

Faisal Qureshi’s father died at a very young age. There was no one in his family to support him so he stepped in the Pakistan Drama Industry. At first, he went through many obstacles but now he is one of the richest and versatile actors of Pakistan.

Hina Dilpazeer (Momo of Bulbulay)

hina dilpazeer story

The woman who always bring a smile on our face, never smiled before! She was divorced by her husband at a young age. So she stepped into the field of showbiz to earn some money. At first, she got very cheap roles but now her character of (Momo Bulbulay) is known worldwide.

Saba Qamar

saba qamar past

Saba Qamar is among the top actresses of Pakistan. Just like other celebrities, she joined showbiz with a very heart touching story.  She belonged to a poor family and lived in a small house in Gujranwala. After her father’s death, her mother tried hard to fulfill the family expenditures.

So these are the heart touching sad stories of famous Pakistani celebrities. Keep visiting us for more celebrity fun and gossips.


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