Gauahar Khan Got Slapped for Wearing ‘Short Cloths

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The former Bigg Boss contestant Gauhar Khan who was hosting the Grand Finale of India’s raw Star got slapped by a rowdy man while the shoot was going on. The 24 year-old Mohammad Akhil Malik, a viewer from the audience got up and slapped Gauahar hard at least three or four times !

Apparently she got it in the face for wearing what he termed as ‘Short Cloths’. Gauahar was shocked out her senses. Gauahar Khan was crying and shouting  her lungs out, and demanding the man to be thrown out of the sets. This incident shocked and stunned all the audience and Indian nation.

latest we hear that the man who slapped Gauaher has been in the custody of police. Here are some pictures of Gauahar Khan after got slapped for wearing inappropriate cloths.

Gauahar Khan got Slapped for Wearing ‘Short Cloths’

gauahar khan slapped for wearing short dressGauhar Khan got slapped by man in India’s Raw Star reality show !

gauhar khan slpped


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