Funny Incidents That Happened With Pakistani Celebrities

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Funny and weird incidents happens in the life of many. You may have also experienced some funny incidents in your life too. So do you want to see the funny incidents that happened with Pakistani celebrities? Then lets read the article and laugh!

Funny Incidents That Happened With Pakistani Celebrities


5.Shagufta Ijaz

Funny Incidents That Happened With Pakistani Celebrities

Famous Pakistani actor Shagufta Ijaz once said in her interview that during her popularity period, one of her female fan was so crazy that she used to chase Shagufta everywhere and at once she also chased Shagufta till her house.

4.Sarwat Gillani and Sanam Saeed

sarwat gillani and sanam saeed

Few years before, Sarwat Gillani and Sanam Saeed went to a restaurant. As everyone is fan of both of them, the whole staff and the other people in the restaurant starred at them. So one that time, Sarwat Gillani shouted on the retaurant staff by saying : “Why everyone is looking at me and Sanam. There should a rule in this hotel that if any person comes, no one stares and sees”.

3.Chef Gulzar

Chef Gulzar

Famous Masala tv Chef, Gulzar was once making chicken Kaababs during a live show. But suddenly the gas went off and the Kaababs were not fully cooked. The guest on the show, eated the uncooked kabaabs and surprisingly also appreciated them.

2.Zainab Jameel

Zainab Jamil

Few years before, Zainab Jameel was a news anchor. But one day, Zainab was presenting the news to the public and suddenly she laughed in a live transmission. The news channel administration shouted and Zainab Jameel was not seen on that news channel again.

1.Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan

The most funny incident happened with Ahsan Khan during his Ramadan Transmission on Hum Tv. Ahsan Khan was distributing gifts among the audience, when suddenly a woman grabbed his shalwar and his shalwar also came down. Meanwhile, the show administration took a break.


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