What’s The Reaction Of Fawad Khan’s Wife When She See Him With Sonam Kapoor?

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Fawad Khan is the latest Khan in Bollywood and according to Indian media, this new Khan will make a good position in Bollywood like all other Khans did. We have most of the times seen Fawad and Sonam Kapoor together. Both of them have become very close after their first every film together “Khoobsurat”.

Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor Spending Quality Time

In a recent interview, Sonam Kapoor also said that she loves Fawad Khan and he is the Tom Cruise of the industry. Whenever Fawad visits India, Sonam Kapoor is the first person to meet him.

What’s The Reaction Of Fawad Khan’s Wife When She See Him With Sonam Kapoor?

What's The Reaction Of Fawad Khan's Wife When She See Him With Sonam Kapoor?


But all these signs put a question in our mind that how Fawad Khan’s wife Sadaf reacts to this relationship. Lets read out to find the answer.

Fawad khan and Sonam Kapoor To Romance Again

Recently, Fawad Khan was featured on Hello Cover Magazine. He exlcusively spoke to the magazine and disclosed some facts about his off screen life. Speaking to the magazine, Fawad said that:

Sadaf understands that my on screen romance is nothing but a temporary character whilst their marriage is a real romance.

He further said :

Sadaf has remained with me through all the thick and thin times. She was with me even when I was not popular.

He further added:

Sadaf was with me and Sonam during the shoots of Khoobsurat. She was laughing with Sonam Kapoor when we posed for a romantic pose. Sadaf knows that on screen romance is just a drama.”

Fawad Khan will be seen in next film opposite Alia Bhatt. Afterwards, he will be seen with Priyanka Chopra in Mr.Chalo.


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