Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters

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Some of our television actors seem to have been dodging age for a very long time now. Some of them look like they have not aged more than a couple of years in the past decade.

Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters31.Faysal Qureshi with Daughter Hanish Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi is a remarkable known Pakistani young talent working in both dramas and films.                         Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters6 Fiasal Qureshi got married for three times. For the first time, he got married at the age of 18 and after 3 years  he divorced his wife.Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters7 He had one daughter from his first wife. Then, for the second time, he got married at the age of 24 with Ayesha Agha but unfortunately this marriage also couldn’t succeed and Ayesha Agha got divorced right after 18 months.Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters9Faysal Qureshi has a son from his second wife. Now, recently, in 2010, he got married to Sana. In photos he is with his daughter Hanish Qureshi, He is young enough nobody can say he is father of young girl.

Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters42.Shahood Alvi with Daughter Areeb Shahood

Shahood Alvi (born in Multan) is a Pakistan TV actor, Director and a Producer. He has been working in Pakistani television dramas since 1996. He is too young to be called a young girl’s father.

Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters22 3.Maummar Rana with Daughter Rea Rana.

Moammar Rana is Pakistani actor. He is known for his various Lollywood movies, and has also worked on the small screen in Pakistani soap operas. Dads with their Young Beautiful DaughtersyMaummar rana with his daughter but if someone don’t know cannot recognized that he is father of such a young girl.

Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters14.Hasan Somro with daughter Zoya Hasan

Here are many couples in the Pakistan showbiz industry who are very happy and satisfied with their marriages. One such couple is of Hasan Soomro and Nazli Nasr. They have been married for over 16 years now, and have two children. Zohaib and Zoya. Actually they were class-fellows in college. In college they had a group of friends.Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters5 Hasan somro with his daughter.

Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughtersuphoto Saleem Sheikh with daughter Nashmia  Saleem, and father refuse to age.

5.Saleem Sheikh with daughter Nashmia  SaleemDads with their Young Beautiful Daughters

photo Saleem Sheikh with whole family

Saleem Sheikh (also spelled as Salim Sheikh or Saleem Shaikh) is a famous Pakistani film and television actor. As a child he first appeared in PTV Drama Shama in 1976.

Dads with their Young Beautiful Daughters86.Shamoon Abbasi with Daughter Anzela Abbasi

Shamoon Abbasi (born 4 April 1973) is a Pakistani television actor and director, who have undertaken major roles in a number of films and television dramas .Only some of us are lucky enough to have such parents who are not only loving and caring but also renowned superstars! Anzeela Abbasi,is Javeria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi’s first and only child together.

Nobody can say that they are fathers of young girls.



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