Check out the male version of my list of Disney favorites cast in Bollywood!

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Check out the male version of my list of Disney favorites cast in Bollywood!

Our childhood is not dark and disturbing mostly because of the fairy tales our moms read to us, showing that the world can be magical. Now, I don’t really believe in fairy tales but I do believe that our Bollywood stud boys have full potential to be remarkable Disney princes. So on the lines of our heroines being perfect Disney princesses, check out the male version of my list of Disney favorites cast in Bollywood!

1) Aladdin – Ranveer Singh aladdin-and-ranveer

2)Prince Charming – Fawad Khan prince-charming-and-fawad-khan

3) Prince Philip – Ranbir KapoorPhilip-and-Ranbir The good looking prince who fights off every threat that comes his way to kiss Princess Aurora out of her deep sleep.

4) Prince Eric – Sidharth Malhotra Imagine Sidharth Malhotra with big blue eyes… hypnotize…Eric-and-Sidharth

5) Flynn Ryder – Varun DhawanFlynn-and-VarunWhat does it take to play everyone’s favorite Disney prince? Good looks? Check! A sharp nose? Check! An incredible smile? Check check check! Varun Dhawan you are the perfect desi Flynn Ryder, can I be your Rapunzel? Can we get ‘tangled‘ together? Is this line inappropriate for children?

6) Hercules – Hrithik Roshan hercules-and-hrithik-roshan Golden hair, blue eyes and a body to die for! I think Hrithik Roshan would play a better Hercules than the animated hero we all know so well.

7) Beast – Arjun KapoorBeast-and-Arjun-Kapoorso Beast-y! Now check this out.  Beast and Arjun Kapoor What a wonderful transformation! Arjun Kapoor is the perfect combination of hot and wild. Beast-and-ArjunHowever creepy and somewhat corny that sounds, we all know that this guy can be perfect as the reclusive, misunderstood beast who actually has a heart of gold. On top of that, you can see that he transforms rather well, doesn’t he?

8) Peter Pan – Aamir KhanPeter-Pan-and-Aamir-Khan Because they both don’t age!

9) Prince Naveen – Randeep Hooda Naveen-and-Randeep-HoodaBecause no one can play a tall, dark and handsome prince better than Randeep Hooda, and whoever doubts that….

10) Kristoff – Sushant Singh RajputKristoff-and-Sushant  Understated, tough, helpful and HOT! Sushant Singh Rajput is perfect as the underrated yet amazing Kristoff from Frozen.


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