Celebrities Who Are Dressed Funny And Totally Bad

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Today I am going to share with you the celebrities who are dressed funny and totally bad. Here are the celebrities who mostly wear bad and un matching clothes which means clothing not according to the personality of a person.

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Celebrities Who Are Dressed Funny And Totally Bad

Vidya Balan

vidya balan funny clothingPeople always laugh on Vidya Balan’s clothing. She is always seen dressed funny on parties, functions and ceremonies. Everyone thinks that she has a bad selection and choice for clothes. Vidya Balan must wear clothes according to her personality. She should not try be over smart and wearing clothes as if she is very young and smart!

Hollywood Star Whoopi Goldberg

funny celebs clothing stylesWhoops, Whoopi, Very very funny. She is a Hollywood star named “Whoopi Goldberg”. She is looking totally bad and ugly wearing this Cheetah Print. I think that she don’t know that she is very fat and big. Its better for her to wear something simple. She is looking pathetic! I think that she didn’t looked herself in the mirror after wearing this Cheetah print frock!

Janet Jackson

funny actors clothing and stylesI think that Janet Jackson has a wish to be a snail or a snake. She is wearing a funny dress. The dress is having round pipes on it. She should wear clothes that are graceful and easy to carry. I think that she is going to meet Snakes and snails.

Pakistani Actress Sana

celebrities who are dressed funny

If you are a Pakistani then you might know about Sana. She is a famous Pakistani film and stage actress. But I am laughing out loud to see her funny clothing on a beach. She is wearing clothes as if she is very smart and young! Being an aged woman, she is wearing dirty clothes. Sana should try to clothe herself with some reasonable clothes!

mallika sherawat wardrobe malfunction funnyMallika Sherawat tries to wear these types of clothes to show that she is very hot. Mallika Sherawat! people know that you are hot and smart but this type of clothing don’t suits you well. Mallika Sherawat is looking more ugly than hot in these type of dresses.





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