Celebrities transformation to Religious

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Talking specifically about the actors of Pakistan, a new trend has been seen in last few years where these actors are turning towards Islam, quitting their profession and the showbiz life. Celebrities transformation might be an attempt of gaining publicity, and at the same time there are equal chances that they genuinely found themselves in doubts and shifted towards the reality of the world, realizing the righteous path.Celebrities transformation to Religious7 Without criticizing anyone, We will discuss a few of them today in this post. Celebrities transformation to Religious.Celebrities transformation to Religious1

If you take a look few years back, it seemed like a tradition where many singers and actors gave a farewell to their showbiz career, proclaiming to return to Islam and its teachings.. The move did bring them limelight where they became a subject for few months, or perhaps few days probably. We saw them conducting Islamic shows on different channels and then they disappeared again.

It seems that their planning to be a true Muslim was for temporary and many of them are now coming back to their previous career, relaunching themselves. Although there are celebrities like Junaid Jamshed who are steadfast on their decision, most of them found their showbiz career more satisfactory. Here is a small list of them that are in my knowledge. Have a look!

Ali Haider transformation to Religious:Celebrities transformation to Religious

shiraz uppal transformation to Religious:Celebrities transformation to Religious2

Veena Malik transformation to Religious:Celebrities transformation to Religious9

Junaid Jamshed transformation to Religious:Celebrities transformation to Religious3

 Sara chudary transformation to Religious:Celebrities transformation to Religious5

Nargis  transformation to Religious:Celebrities transformation to Religious4

sataesh khan transformation to Religious:Celebrities transformation to Religious6


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