Celebrities with physical disorders

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Celebrities with physical disorders

Hrithik Roshan
Defect: deformed thumbshrithik-roshan-double-thumb-right-hand1
Bollywood’s hottest actor Hrithik Roshan carries two thumbs on his right hand. The additional thumb is a small extension which curves inwards towards his main thumb. Celebrities with physical disorders.

Megan Fox
Defect: deformed thumbscelebrities_and_their_640_16

The actress had to use hand double in the promotional clip for Motorola. Megan asked not to show close up shots of her hands. It turned out that “the sexiest woman on the planet” is beautiful everywhere except her fingers. She has a genetic condition called brachydactyly, which means she has clubbed thumbs. And the nail of the thumb is very short and wide.

Kate Bosworth
Defect: eyes of different colorcelebrities_with_physical_640_04

Kate Bosworth always looks dazzling on the red carpet, but coming closer you’ll think that she has messed up with her colored contact lenses. The actress has one brown and one blue eye. This phenomenon is known as Heterochromia Iridium. It is common among dogs, cats, horses and other animals, but it’s rare among humans.

Vanessa Parad
Defect: gap teethcelebrities_with_physical_640_05

Do not rush to the dentist if you have a big distance between your front teeth. Due to the charms of Vanessa Parad Vanessis perfectly straight teeth are no longer in fashion! Glossy magazines and the beauty industry giants are singing praises to gap teeth which don’t spoil the person but make her look special. Today gap teeth are even considered to be an evidence of sexuality and joyfulness. But dentists call this defect diastema.
Julia Roberts
Defect: huge mouthcelebrities_with_physical_640_07

Several years ago, recalling his joint set with Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant confessed that when he was kissing her he “was aware of a faint echo”. Of course, the British heartthrob was joking! However, beauty’s huge mouth really violates the ideal proportions of her face. Still, would Julia’s spectacular career be the same without her broad smile and endlessly long legs?

Halle Berry
Defect: six toes on her legcelebrities_with_physical_640_10

Every year a respected male magazine includes Halle Berry in the ratings of the most beautiful women on earth. And it’s despite the fact that the actress was born with six toes on her right foot. This anomaly is called polydactyl by doctors. According to statistics, one baby out of 5000 is born with with six toes and usually has an extra toe surgically removed. We are curious to know why Halle’s parents decided to leave her sixth toe. Celebrities with physical disorders.


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