Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Serious Health Problems

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There are some Indian Celebrities who have gone through serious health problems but now they are fit and perfect. Many of these celebrities could be a source of inspiration for those persons who have serious health problems.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Serious Health Problems

Hrithik Roshan

Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Serious Health Problems

Bollywood famous and superstar actor Hrithik Roshan went through a serious health problem. He was busy shooting for his film “Bang Bang” but unfortunately he got an injury on his head while shooting. He had a headache which lasted till his operation. Doctors said that he got a clot in his brain due to the injury. So he went through a brain surgery and now he is as fit as a fiddle.

Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan

The legendary star of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan got abdominal health issues when he suffered a very severe accident when shooting for the 1982 movie “Coolie”. He has gone through two abdominal surgeries and now he is OK.

Shahrukh Khan

shahrukh khan shoulder surgery

Shahrukh Khan got injury on his shoulder when he was shooting for the film “Chennai Express”. He has gone through a shoulder surgery recently and her is perfect and fit now.

Yuvraj Singh

yuvraj singh caner

Yuvraj Singh is a big inspiration for cancer fighters. Yuvraj Singh had a tumour in his lung in 2011 and he underwent treatment. After a year, he battled cancer and he was back on the fields.

Salman Khan

salman khan bollywood actor

From the looks of Salman Khan, he don’t look like a man with health issues but he has received treatments for neurological problems and nerve disorders.

Saif Ali Khan

actor saif ali khan

Saif Ali Khan was involved in Cardiac (Heart) problems due to his smoking and drinking alcohol issues.


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