Bollywood’s Most Expensive Costumes Which Will Make You Mad

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There are some Bollywood celebrities who wore the most expensive clothes in films. The price of the costumes will blow your mind and once you hear the prices of these clothes, you will be amazed and shocked.

The price of these costumes is equal to the price of a luxury bungalow or a luxury car. So lets have a look at the Bollywood’s most expensive costumes.

Bollywood’s Most Expensive Costumes Which Will Make You Mad


Sonakshi Sinha

sonakhsi sinha radha nachegi

In Bollywood film “Tevar”, the song “Radha Nachegi” has received many hits on youtube. But the most surprising thing about this song is that the costume which Sonakshi was wearing in the songs was worth 75 lakhs and the total cost of song alone is nearly 2.5 crores. Ufff!

Kareena Kapoor In Kamabakht Ishq

Kareena Kapoor in Kambakth Ishq

You may have watched “Kambakkht Ishq”. According to media reports, the cost of the black costume that Kareena was wearing in the song was worth 8 lakhs.

Madhuri Dixit In Devdas

Bollywood's most expensive costumes.


Madhuri Dixit wore many amazing and eye catching outfits in Bollywood movie ‘Devdaas”. Every suit that she wore in the film was worth more than 15 lakhs each. It was reported that there were many precious stones and expensive embroidery works on the dress.

Aishwarya Rai In “Jodha Akbar”

Aishwarya Rai In Jodha Akbar

Aishwarya Rai covered the rolf of a queen in Bollywood movie “Jodha Akbar” so she also had to dress like a queen. It was reported that every costume that Aish wore in the film cost around 2 lakhs each.

Shah Rukh Khan In “Ra. One”

Shah Rukh Khan In Ra. One

The most expensive dress of the Bollywood indsutry is here. Even Ra.One was a flop movie but the cost of the special dress which Shah Rukh wore was worth almost 4.5 crore and there were 20 costumes. Yes, 4.5 crores each. If summed up all, then the total price of all the 20 costumes was 90 crores.

Salman Khan In “Veer”

Salman Khan In Veer

In Bollywood movie “Veer”, Salman Khan wore six expensive dresses with a price tag of 20 lakhs each.

Rajnikanth in “Robot”

Rajnikanth in Robot

You may have watched the Bollyood film “Robot”. It was reported that the price of the Robot costume in the film was worth more than 3 crores.


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