Top 10 Bollywood Star Kids Pictures

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Everyone knows the name of top bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan etc. All these bollywood celebrities gained fame and prestige due to their impressive hard work.

The bollywood star kids also become very popular because they are the kids of top celebrities. Bollywood star kids become popular due to their parents as they are born with a celebrity status.

A very special thing about bollywood star kids is that they are born with a golden or silver spoon. Every give them respect and people love them whether they are beautiful or not.

Bollywood actors are often seen with their kids. So today I am going to share with you the pics of top 1 bollywood star kids pictures with their parents. Lets see them.

Top 10 Bollywood Star Kids Pictures

Viaan Raj Kundra (Daughter of Shilpa Shetty)


Shilpa shetty stands among the top celebrities of Bollywood. She has a beautiful daughter named Viaan Raj Kundra. This baby girl resembles the look of Shilpa Shetty.

Aaradhya Bachan (Daughter Of Abishek and Aishwarya)


Aaradhya bachchan is the daughter of the most beautiful couple, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachan. This baby girl is born with a golden spoon.

Arhaan Khan (Son Of Arbaaz Khan)


Arbaaz khan is the brother of Salman Khan. Arbaz Khan is married to Malaika Arora Khan and they have a son named Arhaan Khan. Arhaan has clever and cute look. Arhaan is a blessed kid who born into the house of such a famous family.

Aarav (Son Of Akshay Kumar)


Aarav is the son of Akshay Kumar. Akshay kumar loves his son very much and he is ready to offer his son anything he wants. Aarav’s ressemblance is like his father and mother.

Iqra Dutt And Shahraan Dutt (Children Of Sanjay Dutt)


Iqra means education while Shahraan means a royal warrior. Both these kids are of Sanjay Dutt also known as Munna Bhai. These two kids are twins and are also very cute.

Suhana (Daughter Of Shahrukh Khan)


Suhana is a beautiful 11 year old girl. She is the daugher of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. She is born with a golden spoon. Many people are of the view that she will become in the Bollywood industry when she will become young and matured.

Nysa (Daughter Of Ajey Devgan And Kajol)


Nysa is the daughter of the most popular celebrities. Her parents have a huge fan following. Nysa is of nine years old and her parents say that she has a very creative mind.

Yug (Son Of Ajay Devgan And Kajol)


Yug is the son of this hot couple. Yug is very beautiful. He has lovely eyes and people love him very much. He is always given huge hugs and kisses by people.

Azad Rao Khan (Son Of Aamir Khan)


He is a baby boy of Aamir Khan. His looks are like his mother, Kiran Rao and his intelligence is like his father. This celebrity kid enjoys the position of being a child of famous father.

I hope that you liked these pictures of Bollywood star kids. For more interesting things keep visiting Stylish Pie.

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