Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice Or Even More

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There are some Bollywood celebrities who married thrice and even more. So lets have a look at them. I hope that you will enjoy this article a lot. So lets see that who were the Bollywood celebs who married many times! Here we go:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice Or Even More

Kishore Kumar

Our famous singer and legend Kishore Kumar married four times. His first marriage was with Ruma Guha Thakurta in the year 1950 and he has a son (Amit Kumar) from this marriage. Kishore and Ruma spent a married life for about 8 years and then divorced.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Thrice

Kishore kumar and Ruma guha

In 1960, Kishore Kumar married the iconic actress Madhubala. This marriage lasted till the death of Madhubala for about 9 years.

kishore kumar and madhubala

Kishore Kumar and Madhubala

After his second marriage with Madhubala, Kishor Kumar married another Indian actress Yogita Bali. But this marriage only lasted for 2 years.

kishore kumar and yogita bali

Kishore Kumar and Yogita Bali

Kishore Kumar’s fourth marriage was with Leena Chandavarkar who was another Bollywood actress. This marriage lasted till the death of Kishore Kumar.

kishore kumar and leena chandavarkar

Kishore Kumar and Leena Chandavarkar


Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali married thrice. In an interview, Luck Ali said that he was not meant for just one marriage. Lucky Ali’s first marriage was with a New Zealand woman named Jane McCleary. His first wife also appeared in his famous hit song video “O Sanam”. Lucky Ali had two kids from his first marriage after which the couple divorced.

Lucky ali first marriage

Lucky Ali New Zealand Wife

Lucky Ali then got in love with a woman named Inaya and married her. After having two kids from his second marriage, Lucky Ali divorced her.

Lucky ali second marriage

Lucky Ali Second Marriage

Luck Ali third marriage was with a British model. This couple is still living together and also have a son.

Lucky ali third marriage

Lucky Ali Third Marriage

Sanjay Dutt

Our Munna Bhai Sanjay Dutt has also married thrice. His first marriage was with Richa Sharma. Both Sanjay and Richa spent a happy married life. But unfortunately in the year 1966 Richa Sharma passed away due to brain tumour and the marriage ended.

sanjay dutt and richa sharma

Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma

Two year after Richa’s death, Sanjay Dutt married model Rhea Pillai in 1998. This marriage couldn’t last longer and the couple divorced in 2005.

sanjay dutt second marriage

Sanjay Dutt Second Marriage

Sanjay Dutt third marriage was with his lover friend Manyata in the year 2008. This couple is still leading a happy married life and they have two twins daughters.

sanjay dutt third marriage

Sanjay Dutt Third Marriage


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