Bollywood Actresses Who Lie About Their Age

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Most of the Bollywood actress lie about their age. They keep their age under 30’s and 40’s forever and forever. Even after many years, they say that they are not more than 30!

But now a secret can’t remain as a secret due to the cunning media. Media exposes all the secrets of a person. So here is the list of some Bollywood actresses who lie about their age. Although every actress of Bollywood has lied about her age but we have shared just 5 because we have a proof for their lie.

Bollywood Actresses Who Lie About Their Age

Kangana Ranaut

In 2009, Kangana Ranaut said that she is 22 years old but her lie was exposed when age-28 was written on her passport. It means that now she is 34 years old.

Bollywood Actresses Who Lie About Their Age

Katrina Kaif

In a recent interview, Katrina Kaif said that she is younger than Ranbir Kapoor but this was a lie! Katrina was born in 1981 and Ranbir Kapoor was born in 1982. So she is not younger but elder than her boyfriend.

katrina kaif age

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu says that she is 28 years old but her lie was exposed by one of her closest friend. Bipasha Basu was born in 1979 and so her age is 36.

bipasha basu age

Gauhar Khan

In 2011, Gauhar Khan celebrated her 29th birthday. But in last season of Big Boss which was aired in 2013, Gauhar said that she is still 29! She forgot that is not 29 but 31!

gauhar khan

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat still says that she is not more than 30 but for how long a lie can remain a secret? Her real date of birth is 1976 which means that she is 39 years old.

mallika sherawat


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