Beauty and Fitness Secret Of Actress Arij Fatyma

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Staying healthy and fit is an art. You have to take care of your body and skin and this is possible when you eat healthy. Whatever you eat, later shows on your skin. Celebs always keep these things in mind and this is the reason they stay beautiful and healthy. Here Arij Fatyma has shared her Beauty and Fitness Secret. Check it out.

Beauty and Fitness Secret Of Actress Arij Fatyma

arij fatymaFitness Secret Of Actress Arij Fatyma


I eat breakfast at 9.00am sharp. It contains a bowl of fresh fruits with yogurt. I prefer to eat seasonal fruits because the maximize the nutrition intake. To some extant, I’m a snack person and exactly after two hours of breakfast, I east sometimes a bag of crisps otherwise prunes or dry fruits, mostly cashews because they are my favorite.


My lunch timing in fix and I usually have lunch at 2pm. I’m fond of desi food therefore I prefer sticking to our typical Pakistani food like chapatis, vegetables or meat curry or pulses. Apart from this, I keep myself hydrated with water and juices.


The dinner table is ready at 10pm. For the sake of variety at dinner, I have burger along with milkshake or sometimes fruit smoothies. Apart from this, I make sure to have fruits which are in season year-round. After dinner an hour long walk is party of my routine.


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