Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities

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Here we will share and discuss babies of Pakistani celebrities. Apart from the babies of bollywood and hollywood celebrities, babies of Pakistani celebrities are also very popular among Pakistani people. Their fans would love to know about their personal lives. Moreover, they also wants to see the pictures of babies of their favorite celebrities.

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities006

In this post, we will discuss and also share the pictures of babies of Pakistani celebrities. The details and pictures are given below.

  1. Atif Aslam

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On number 1st, we have the picture of Atif Aslam son. We would like to mention that Atif Aslam got married on 14th March 2013. Now, Atif Aslam has one cute baby boy.

  1. Tooba Siddqui

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities009

On number 2nd we have Tooba Siddiqui son. As we know that Tooba Siddiqui is a well known model and actress. She got married in 2011. Now she is the mother of cute baby boy.

  1. Fahad Mustafa

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities007

On number 3rd, we have Fahad Mustafa. Firstly, we would like to mention that he got married in 2005. Now he has 3 years old daughter. Have a look at her picture.

  1. Noor

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities008

Now we have the picture of film actress Noor daughter. As we know that actress Noor did three marriages. First one withVikram from 2008 to 2010, second with Farooq in 2010 and thirdly she got married with Awn Chaudh in 2012 and now she lives happy married life with him. From her 3rd marriage, she has cute baby girl.

  1. Natasha Hussain

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities0010

On number 5th, we have Natasha Hussain son picture. Well, Natasha Hussain is a well known fashion model. She has one son. When we saw her smart figure, we cant say that she is the mother of one son.

  1. Faisal Qureshi

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities002

On number 6th, we have Faisal Quershi. Firstly, we would like to mention that Faisal Quershi did 3 marriages. He did his 3rd marriage with Sana in 2010. Now, he has one cute baby girl. Have a look at the picture.

  1. Javeria And Saud

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities005

If we talk about babies of Pakistani celebrities then how can we forget to mention the name of Javeria and Saud. They have 2 kids. This couple has beautiful daughter Jannat in 2006 and son Ibrahim in 2011.

  1. Hadiqa kiani

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities003

On number 8th, we have singer Hadiqa Kiani. An interesting thing about this singer is that in 2005, Hadiqa Kiani adopted a son from Edhi home. We would like to mention that Hadiqa Kiani got married in 2005 but she marriage failed and they got divorced in 2008.

  1. Reema Khan

Babies Of Pakistani Celebrities01

Lastly, we have the picture of Reema Khan son. Reema Khan got married in November 2011. Now she is the mother of cute baby boy. Her baby was born in September 2014.

Well, these are just few pictures of babies of Pakistani celebrities. If you want to see more pictures then stay on this webpage.


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