Atif Aslam Receiving Threats From Fu**ing Shiv Sena

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OMG! After Veena Malik, Fawad Khan, Shakeel and Naseem Vicky, Atif Aslam is receiving threats by an Indian extremist group Shiv Sena. According to Indian media reports, Atif Aslam’s concert was on April 25th at Pune but it has been cancelled due to the serious threats by Shiv Sena.

The Indian audience was very excited to see their favorite rock star in a live concert but unfortunately they are unable to attend this great event.

Atif Aslam Receiving Threats From Fu**ing Shiv Sena

The leaders of Shiv Sena group openly said:

The stand of Shiv Sena is very clear. We don’t support a concert by a Pakistani artist. Pakistan sends terrorists to India and blast bombs on our parliament. We can’t welcome Pakistanis in our country. If Atif organizes a concert, then we will create disturbances and destroy the concert.

This is not the first time that a Pakistani artist has faced threats from Fu**ing Shiv Sena group. Mahira Khan, Meekal Hassan, Shakeel and many other celebrities are facing threats from this group.

atif aslam and shiv sena

Pakistani government and police always give a full protocol to Indian celebrities when they arrive Pakistan. No any Indian celebrity has faced such type of dirty and shameful threats in Pakistan.

Love Pakistan and Hate India

All these facts show us that how Indians are jealous of our nation. Their hearts are full of hatred against Pakistan.

On the other hand, Pakistani people are so calm and kind hearted. They have never show such state of aggressiveness.

When Indian cricket team loose match, Indians get out of control and destroy everything in their way. Once Indians also attacked the house of M.S Dhoni and broke the windows. But Pakistani people have never attempted these type of habits.

My last words for Shiv Sena is that Mind your own bussiness and Fu**off. Pakistan has winned many battles against Indian and will Inshallah keep wining.


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