Arij Fatyma The Dignity Queen Story

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As you all know Arij Fatyma one of most decent, talented, beautiful and well educated actress got divorced some months ago after a very short period of married life. after that we have heard many controversial news about Arij Fatyma and her ex-husband Faraz Anwer but didn’t get any statement by Arij Fatyma. Which has given space for the people who just believe on what they heard without any endorsement. Now The Truth Has revealed. Check Out Arij Fatyma The Dignity Queen complete story.

Arij Fatyma The Dignity Queen Story

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It was really sad news for all of us when we heard about Arij Fatyma’s Divorce. Arij Fatyma who is a well known and popular actress has raised in USA and from a noble family. She has showed her decentness and updated her facebook official page in very nice way without accusing any one. Check out your self.

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After some time we have seen some pictures of Faraz which have showed the truth behind the scene which Arij Fatyma didn’t expose. Again we respect her dignity that she has kept hidden all those things which she might knew but didn’t tell anything like this.Arij Fatyma The Dignity Queen Pic 05 Arij Fatyma The Dignity Queen Pic 06

In response Faraz who was struggling to be a star but didn’t get any remarkable work accused Arij that Arij Fatyma’s fans have revealed and spread these pictures with the approval of Arij Fatyma. For this he filed a case against Arij for leaking this news of being gay which made him stressed and defamed and now he wants 100 Million Rupees. Now i won’t say anything about him as this clealerly shows the reality of him.

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After that Arij fatyma got some bad comments from Faraz’s well wishers but salute to the great woman Arij as she removed the post but also when her fans get angry about all these disgusting things then she asks her fans to keep their thoughts positive.

Not only this faraz also filed another case against Arij Fatyma for ‘RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS’ ( Restitution means lost and conjugal means marital). Isn’t it funny that a person accusing to the girl who has already filed her case for ‘KHULA’. To keep the Arij Fatyma forcefully as her wife he filed but it wasn’t any case as it was completely foolish.

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It was also published by some sites who only wants to give their readers ‘MIRCH MASALA’ without finding the truth or endorsement of the news, that Arij Fatyma has done fraud by getting married with faraz as she is Psychi and was blackmailed Faraz to get marry with her by her suicidal attempts but i am completely amazed that how one can publish this stupid things beacuse Arij fatyma who is a celebrity and even media don’t know anything about any of her suicidal news…?

The Article Published By Some Celebrity News Site

Arij Fatyma The Dignity Queen Pic 07Well, Truth makes its own way… But I deeply request to all news publishing sites to please publish endorsed news as you are directing the readers mind to the wrong way. whatever I wrote is according to proofs posted by anonymous writer for which Arij Fatyma posted this status yesterday which have also showed to you..!

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Arij Fatyma The Dignity Queen…! Our complete moral support is with you. May Allah bless You. Ameen.


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