Meet The Iranian Man Who Did Not Take Bath Since 60 Years

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Meet the Iranian man who did not take bath since 60 years. His name is Amou Haji and he is 80 years old. He loves in the village of Dejagah, Fars, Iran. Amous Haji is known as the world’s dirtiest man.

Why Amou Haji don’t take bath?

amou haji

Mr. Haji said that:

I did not wanted to stay dirty. In my young life when I used to take bath, I become sick and ill. “Taking Bath makes me sick”. If I take bath after a long time, even then I get sick so I choose not to bath for the whole of my life.

dirtiest person of the world

Amou Haji doesn’t like eat clean and fresh food. He even don’t like to drink clean fresh water.  Mr Amou eats rotten meat and food. He drinks water that is dirty and unhygienic.

Mr. Amou has made a hole into the ground and lives in the hole. Some people also made a small house for him to live but Mr. Amou Haji refused to live in the house.

ugly man of the world

The most amazing thing about this man is that he didn’t suffer any skin disease. He eats rotten food but he never became sick of food poison or anything else. AmouHaji trims his hair by burning them with fire.

Amou Haji is the most lonely person on the earth. He lives alone and has no worldly desires. He has no bank accounts, no education, no business etc.


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