6 Hilarious Memes Of Petrol Shortage !!

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Petrol shortage in Punjab has shocked many of us. It has become precious. Everyone is exhausted and looking for petrol. Where the petrol shortage has made people angry and frustrated, there is are also some reasons to smile. The comics groups has made some hilarious memes of petrol shortage. You can’t get enough of it and you’re gonna laugh right now. ! I can bet. 😛

6 Hilarious Memes Of Petrol Shortage !!

This is hilarious 😀 …

memes of petrol shortage  003

Mian sahab 2 Shopper petrol bhi lety ana 😛

memes of petrol shortage  005

petrol kay qatry is going to launch soon 😉

memes of petrol shortage  002

Thank you so much MIAN SAHAB !!

memes of petrol shortage  004

Perfect compliment !

memes of petrol shortage 001

Manhoos Billi’s views on petrol Shortage 😀



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