5 Famous Celebrities Who Beat Cancer – The Survivors

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CANCER makes an icy chill run down the spine. It is a disease no one would ever dream to suffer from it. Cancer is rapidly affecting people across all age groups in recent times. Cancer has affected many world famous celebrities. Many of these celebrities bravely faced this disease. here I have compiled a list of 5 Famous Celebrities Who Beat Cancer. They are the true heroes.

5 Famous Celebrities Who Beat Cancer

 5 Famous Celebrities Who Beat Cancer – The Survivors

5. Robert DiNero

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At the age of sixteen, the famous Oscar Winning Hollywood Actor, Robert DiNero was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. but age is no bar to gather all strength and fight something.. So the actor was determined to get cured. Robert DiNero face many treatment sessions after which he emerged out victorious as a cancer survivor. He is well known for his movies.

4. Lisa Ray

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Lisa Ray is best known for her controversial movie ‘WATER’ in which she played the leading role. Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a very rare form of cancer wherein the white blood cells, that are called plasma cells get effected and in turn weaken the immunity in the body. She had to undergo stem cells transplantation.

3. Tom Green

Los Angeles premiere of 'Blue Jasmine'5 Famous Celebrities Who Beat Cancer – The Survivors

Tom Green is the famous Canadian actor, comedian, rapper and the host of MTV show titled ‘The Tom Green Show’. Tom Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer. But nothing could down this man’s spirit. He later emerged as a cancer survivor and also took to making students aware of testicular cancer.

2. Michael Douglas


Michael Douglas, the Academy and Golden Globe award winning actor needs was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010 and by the end of August, the cancer was reached at its most critical stage four. The cancer is said to have developed due to his addictive smoking and drinking. Michael Douglas underwent chemotherapy and after his radiation treatment, he became cancer free.

1. Manisha Koirala

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Bollywood actress left the Indian people shocked when she was detected with ovarian cancer after which she had to undergo a treatment in New York. She never felt shy in taking about her disease and the subsequent recovery. She even posted her pictures which shows her with a tonsured head after her chemotherapy sessions. Being cancer -free was a new life for her and she has actively spread awareness about cancer.


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