5 Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke In Real Life

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We Witnessed a number of actresses smoking on screen who actually who actually smokes cigarettes in their real lives. Some of them tried to hide it from the camera but there are other Bollywood actresses who smokes in real like showing in public. Check it out the list of 5 Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke In Real Life below.

5 Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke In Real Life

1. Sushmita Sen

This beauty queen who turned Bollywood actress is a terrible smoker in real life. She smokes a lot. But non of her smoking effects can be seen in her beauty unless you see her pictures without makeup.

Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke   001

 2. Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukhejee is one such actress you wish would never smoke. But the truth is Rani can’t think of her day without a cigarette. Although her family is against her this habit for which they have arguments regularly.

Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke   002

3. Manisha Koirala

It is surely not a secret that Manisha Koirala is a chain smoker. She’s so addicted, she could not resist the cigarette even on her wedding day, where instead of being shy like most brides, she was clicked sitting with some friends smoking in her wedding dress.

Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke  004

4. Konkana Sen Sharma

Bollywood actress Konkana said in an interview she’s a chain smoker in real life.

Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke   003

5. Kangana Ranaut

One actress who is famous for her depressed and screwed life roles in movies is Kangna Ranaut. And this gives her a chance to smoke on the sets itself. She says it’s her personal choice and she is a chain smoker.

Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke   005


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