4 Things Aamir Khan is Obsessed With !

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Aamir Khan is just not an extraordinary actor but he also has eclectic mix of obsessions which adds to his brilliance, so we presume !Here are 4 things Aamir Khan is obsessed with.

4 Things Aamir Khan is Obsessed With !

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Reading Scripts

Well how will he deliver giant hits year after year if he isn’t a sucker for reading scripts. We bet that Aamir has a secret obsession of reading scripts one after another so that he can settle for the most brilliant ones !


Aamir Khan likes to pump iron and stay fit by working out at the gym but he also likes to relax with yoga. He is a big fan of the same and likes to de-stress by indulging in yoga in his free time.

His Diet

Aamir Khan watches what he eats and now when he has turned in vegan he will be cautions all the more regarding what he eats. We believe that it takes a certain level of obsession to be stickler about diet regimes.

Watching Movies

Now that is a no brainer ! In order to be the best you have to learn and get inspired from the best. Aamir is in his own league and he loves the craft of acting a movie-making quite deeply. He watches brilliant cinema in order to make it and we know he must be obsessed with watching awesome movies.


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