4 Steps You Must Follow To Lose Weight In Ramadan

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So Ramadan is here and most of the women want to lose weight in Ramadan.  Usually fatty foods and sugar craving drinks attract a lot during breaking our fast but these food can make you fatty more. Losing weight in Ramadan is not very difficult. You first have to follow some steps to lose weight.

 4 Steps You Must Follow To Lose Weight In Ramadan

Ways to lose weight in Ramadan

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1. Keep  A Food Journal

Write down what you really eats. Create a list of your daily foods. You will be surprised what your daily foods are and how many calories you intake.  If you find the fatty fried foods than remove it with an healthy food.  Sugar cravings drinks can also increase your calorie intake and increase more fat in your body. So try to have 1200-2000 calories depending on the amount of  weight you need to lose.

2. Eat A Healthy Aftari

Eating healthy Aftari is the most important part to losing weight. Take a side the fatty foods like pizza’s, samosa’s, desi pakora’s and every friend food and sugar craving drink. Break you fast with simple healthy foods that are rich in fiber and protein. Fruits salads are one of the best options to break fast with healthy foods. It contains low calories and prevent overeating and blood sugar.

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How to lose weight in Ramadan

3. Drink A Lot of Water

Drinking water is another key to lose weight in Ramadan. After breaking fast, put bottles of water near you and make plan that how much water you need to bring before Sehri. Try to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces during the night before Sehri. being hydrated will help you lose weight, be healthier and make you fast easier.

 4. Exercise

Exercise is must option to lose weight in Ramadan. Exercise, eating small portions and healthy food are the key to lose weight. So try to do exercise after Taraweeh. Whether it be joining an gym, an exercise class or walking. Just do it.


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