Worlds Smallest Waist Celebrities That Are Unbelievable

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Today I am going to share with you a very shocking thing. So hold up your breathe and have a look at the worlds smallest waist celebrities. When seeing these smallest waist of celebrities, you will be amazed and your mouth will open!


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These smallest waist celebrities, will make you feel shocked and very much amazed. So lets have  a look:

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Worlds Smallest Waist Celebrities That Are Unbelievable

Nerina Orton

smallest waist girls

Nerina Orton is from Uk, Birmingham. She is in the list of world’s smallest waist women. When people see her, they get an extreme shock. I can’t understand that how she has a very slim waist. Just unbelievable!

Cathie Jung

worlds smallest waist celebrities

Seeing Cathie Jung is unbelievable. This old women has a very very tiny waist. Her name is also added to Guinness World Book of Record as “The smallest waist woman”. I am feeling sick seeing this tiny waist of Cathie Jung. Her waist is about the size of a Honey jar!

Michel Koebke

michele kobke waist

Michele Kobke has a very very tiny waist. She even don’t have a full stomach and she can’t eat more food due to less space in her stomach. She says that she takes smaller meals 10 times a day. Horrible!

Ethel Granger

shocking waists

Ethel Granger name is also added to the Guinness Book World Record. She has an unbelievable small waist. I can’t really understand that where is here stomach and where her eaten food stays in the body!!!! Extremely Shocked to See!

Dita Von Teese

shocking things in the world

Its just unbelievable! WTF.

Ann Ward

slimmest women of the world

So these were the worlds smallest waist celebrities. I bet that you will be extremely fascinated and shocked after seeing these pictures. These worlds smallest waist celebrities made me unbelieve on my eyes!


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