The Funny Faces Of Mahira Khan

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Are you in search of something amazing? Are you in a dull mood today? Do you want to make your mood happy? Ok, then no problem. Today I am going to share some pictures of Mahira Khan which I hope you like a lot. Lets see the funny faces of Mahira Khan behind the camera.

The Funny Faces Of Mahira Khan

The Funny Faces Of Mahira Khan

This is the picture of Mahira Khan taken on the Lux Style Award Show. When her name was announced, she gave some funny expressions. By the way, she look very stunning in yellow suit.

mahira khan hot

Mahira Khan was making funny fish faces when suddenly the camera man took her photo! We love you Mahira.

mahira khan beautiful pics

Mahira Khan is making a funny face in this photo. She seems to be in an excited and happy mood in this picture.

funny celebrity pictures

Hahahaha! Mahira Khan is looking very interesting in this picture.

After seeing these pictures, it seems that Mahira Khan is a joyful and jolly lady in her real life. We love you Mahira Khan and want to see you on the list of top actress.

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