Sharmila Farooqi Mehndi Pictures

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Member of Sindh Assembly Sharmila Farooqi got married. After Imran Khan, another politician got married with grace. A powerful woman with strong opinions- who cam into cast her senate on her wedding day. Sharmila is looked up to by countless Pakistani women for her continued role in making the country strong.

Sharmila Farooqi’s mehndi has been the grandest affair so far. Like a very non-traditional but Julia-Roberts-as-Maggie-Style braid, Sharmila rode a horse. The Bazar themed extravagance of the mehndi saw Sindhi craft, mannequins, rugs, ceiling lights and a few truck loads of flowers. Her look and outfit are gorgeous.

Check it out the exclusive pictures of Sharmila Farooqi Mehndi.

Sharmila Farooqi Mehndi Pictures

sharmila farooqi mehndi pictures 003Sharmila Farooqi mehndi pictures

sharmila farooqi mehndi pictures 004

sharmila farooqi mehndi pictures 002sharmila farooqi mehndi pictures 001

sharmila farooqi mehndi pictures 005

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