Hot Scenes Of Celebrities In Big Boss

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Big Boss is the most favourite show of many people since 8 years. According to media reports, Big Boss has gained a great rating which no any other show could beat.


Hot scenes of celebrities in Big Boss are expected to watch. These type of scenes never allowed the audience to move an inch away from their seats!

Hot Scenes Of Celebrities In Big Boss

Karishma and Upen

karishma and upen

Karishma and Upen are currently seen loving with each other in Big Boss season 8. The chemistry between the two has been going well. Recently, Upen proposed Karishma and Karishma accepted the porposal. Well its just a beginning, many amazing espisodes are expected to come next.

Diandra and Gautam

gautam and diandra

The love bonds between Gautam and Diandra became too strong in the Big Boss season 8. It was also reported that Diandra got pregnant on the show so she asked Big Boss to eliminate her.

Salman Khan got very upset when he heard about the news of Diandra got pregnant and he decided to leave the show in angry mood.

Armaan And Tanisha

Hot Scenes Of Celebrities In Big Boss

Armaan and Tanisha got involved in a love affair in Big Boss. Both of them even kissed on national television.

Gauhar and Kushal

gauhar khan and kushal

Gauhar and Kushal kove story was very famous in Big Boss season 7. Both of them hugged and kissed each other. Both of them fought for each other and took the sides of each other.

Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel

veena malik and ashmit patel

The love controversy between the Pakistani actress Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel was very surprising. Their hot scenes gave many ratings to Big Boss. Their physical feelings towrds each other never allowed the audience to move an inch away from their seats!

Rahul and Payal

rahul and payal

Rahul and Payal performed a hot and adult scene in Big Boss season 2. No one could forget their swimming pool scene in which both of them got physical with each other.


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