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Homemade Lip Scrub

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Lip Scrubs are very necessary to make your lips feel and look good. for pink, soft and glowing lips, you have to scrub you lips twice a week. mostly girls don’t like the chemical filled lip scrubs which shows on temporary results but you can get permanent and good results by making you handmade lip scrub. I’m giving you a easy and effective lip scrub recipe which you can try twice a week¬† for pretty gorgeous lips.

 Things you need :

  • Caster sugar or grounded normal sugar
  • honey
  • glycerin

How to make !

Caster sugar is fine and is of the right texture, not too chunky like normal sugar or too refined powder. You need something that is not harsh on your lips. For that caster sugar is the best. If you don’t have caster sugar at home then then you can use normal sugar at home. Put the normal sugar in the grinder and turn on the grinder for 2 seconds for the right texture of the scrub. In a bowl mix your caster sugar with few drops of honey and glycerin.

Now it depends on the amount of lip scrub you are making. You don’t need to make a lot and keep it. The maximum you need to make for your own self is 1 tsp which will last up to a month or too.

Homemade Lip Scrub

homemade lip scrubhomemade lip scrub

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