Highly Educated Bollywood Celebrities

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Although 80% percent of the Bollywood celebrities are not well educated and some of them haven’t even completed their school life. But there are some Bollywood celebrities who are very well educated.

So today I am going to share highly educated Bollywood celebrities. Here we go!

Highly Educated Bollywood Celebrities

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is not young like other Bollywood celebrities but he is far educated. Amitabhh Bachchan didn’t ever thought of becoming an actor during his youth and he focused on his studies very much. He has completed graduation. He has many honorary doctorate degree from Queens land university, Australia.

Preity Zinta

highly educated bollywood celebrities

Preity Zinta used to be very good in her studies. She topped first in her school life. She likes to read English novels and she went to do her bachelors in English. The actress has also done graduation in psychology and masters degree in criminal psychology.

Vidya Balan

vidya balan

Vidya Balan came into the showbiz when she was just 16 years old. Besides working in showbiz, Vidya Balan also kept her mind focused on her studies. She completed graduation and master’s degree from University of Mumbai.

R Madhavan

R madhavan

This person has done graduation in electronics, courses in royal army, navy and courses in Air Force. He has also done diplomas in public speaking.

Ameesha Patel

ameesha patel

Ameesha used to be very intelligent in her study life. She went to USA to study economics and won a gold medal. She even has a degree in biogenetic engineering.

John Abraham

John Abraham

John Abraham John Abraham has bachelors degree in economics. He also has a MBA Degree. He had a mind to study further but got offers for modelling and films so he went there.

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