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The most expensive jewelry in the world of celeb

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All girls love diamonds, don’t they? But do you know what is jewelry, except diamonds? We are glad to introduce you the amazing collection of the most expensive jewelry in the world of celeb.


1. Princess Diana’s ringPrincess-Diana-Engagement-Ring

Princess Diana Engagement Ring 19 Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry on the Planet

Princess Diana was known to be a cult figure in history. It is not surprising, that her royal jewelry, that is now being worn by Kate Middleton, costs $ 38488. Prince Charles gave this ring to Lady Diana Spencer on their engagement. The most expensive jewelry in the world of celeb

2. Brooch of Queen Mary of RomaniaTiara-and-Pecten-Shell-Shaped-Brooch

This brooch once belonged to Queen Marie of Romania, who was the granddaughter of Emperor Alexander II. It was made by Carl Faberge in the form of the heart, which is decorated by the crown.tumblr_melfura4bE1r2j7ub


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